Canadian Okanagan Basin Technical Working Group (COBTWG)

The Canadian Okanagan Basin Technical Working Group is a tri-partite working group dealing with technical issues associated with management of salmon and resident fish stocks and their associated habitat requirements in the Canadian portions of the Okanagan River basin.

Participants to the COBTWG include Fisheries and Oceans Canada (federal), Okanagan Nation Alliance Fisheries Program (Okanagan First Nations), and the B.C. Ministry of Environment (provincial).

Terms of Reference

The mandate of the COBTWG is guided by a Terms of Reference that incorporates ‘principles of operation’ and applies ecosystem principles as the foundation for activities undertaken by the working group related to enhancement and restoration of fish stocks and associated habitat in the Okanagan River basin within Canada.

The mandate of the COBTWG includes:

  • Monitoring Canadian fish stocks

  • Identifying information and research needs

  • Identifying restoration and enhancement
    opportunities, impediments and solutions

  • Identifying potential impacts

  • Identifying and referring policy issues
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